IT Training Takes Admin Support to a New Level with Online Courses from LYNDA.COM

Last May the IT Training department wrapped up a very successful campaign of Admin training classes initially rolled out in November of 2011.  Several of the Admins received Certificates of Completion as recognition of their efforts in attending the necessary Microsoft Word or Excel classes.

As a way of offering additional support, IT Training has placed a link to the material used in these classes in the new Administrative Support Channel on MySJU.  By accessing this link, Admins can download the training manuals and exercises used in these workshops.  This will allow them to keep their skills sharp and to review the course material as often as needed.

In addition, SJU has recently purchased a limited number of licenses from LYNDA.COM, a recognized provider of online training.  Currently these licenses are available to Admins who attended the training on a first come first served basis ONLY, and will provide full access to LYNDA.COM’s library of online training material for up to one month free of charge.

Because this is a pilot campaign, and we’ve only purchased a very limited number of licenses, all licenses will expire at the end of every month.   However, Admins may request another license any time after their previous one becomes inactive.

Admins interested in obtaining a license to access LYNDA.COM’s online training library should email Ben Jezierski, IT Training Coordinator at . Those who do will receive instructions for accessing the online training material shortly after their request has been received.

Also, you may have noticed that we’ve pulled back from offering IT Training classes recently due to the ongoing reconstruction in Science Center 129. Starting in August, employees and students should refer to MYSJU for announcements of upcoming IT Training workshops.  We plan to offer several new classes including multi-part Mastery courses in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for both PC and MAC.  Those who attend all required courses in these Mastery programs will receive Certificates of Completion.

We welcome your comments and look forward to providing you with additional opportunities for training in the future.

Have a great summer!

Ben Jezierski

IT Training Coordinator
Office of Information Technology | Saint Joseph’s University
610-660-3386 ||