New Technology Installed in 4 Classrooms and Labs this Summer

In our continuing efforts to expand technology to classrooms and labs across campus, over the summer 4 classrooms on Connelly Hall were equipped with new presentation technology. The following show what classrooms and labs were done and what equipment was installed:

Rooms 110, 140, 150 (Media Enhanced Classrooms)

Wide screen projection system and room audio system. Stand or sit instructors’ desk with a computer, a touch screen control panel for the room’s equipment, laptop interface, a DVD player, and auxiliary inputs for audio and video. The document camera is in the ceiling above the desk. The room is also equipped with a direct HDMI connection to the projector. Through the Registrar’s Office

Connelly Hall 220 (Science Lab)

Wide screen projection system and room audio system. Instructor’s lectern with touchscreen control, computer, laptop interface, and DVD player.  There are inputs for a portable document camera on the lectern and on a lab table. All inputs to the projection system can be annotated through the touch sensitive computer monitor.  There are additional presentation systems around the room to support student work at the lab tables.

In addition, technology equipment in many other classrooms and labs were upgraded as part of our 5-year replacement cycle to ensure that students and faculty have access to reliable technology.

For a full list of technology-equipped classrooms and labs, see: Technology-equipped Classrooms and Labs – Fall 2011