NEW Wireless Setup

*NEW* Wireless Network Access

In order to simplify the process of connecting to our campus wireless, we have implemented a new product called Xpress Connect. We worked over the course of the summer to get this product installed across campus. It can be used to setup the “sjuwireless” network on your Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, and various other devices.

In order to use this product when you are on campus, first connect to “sjuwireless-setup.” This will guide you through a short step by step process that will automatically connect you to “sjuwireless” after you enter your SJU username and password. For detailed instructions on how to use Xpress Connect, please go to and click on the “SJU Wireless” link under Popular Topics.

Wireless network access is now available in all of the following locations on campus:

• All Residence Centers, Campus Houses, and University Apartments & Townhouses, Pennbrook (Lancaster Court has a Non-SJU wireless network)
• Main Campus: Barbelin/Lonergan, Barry, Bellarmine, Campion, Drexel Library, Mandeville, Post, Science Center, Ramsay Basketball Center, Hagan Arena, Field House (limited), Wolfington, The Chapel of Saint Joseph, Boland, St Thomas, Claver, Bronstein, Bronstein Annex, Regis Hall (limited), Regis Annex (limited), and Mossbaum
• City Ave 175, 183, 215 and 219, University Press 195 and 225
• Maguire Campus: Connelly Hall, Duperreault Hall, Quinn Hall, Nicoletti Music Studio, O’Pake Sports Complex, Campus Commons, Gabrielle Hall, Merion Hall, and Fine Arts East
• Cosi (located in the Hawks’ Landing), Starbucks, ROTC, The SJU Bookstore