SPAM Email: Friday June 24th, 2011

Below is the latest SPAM/Phishing attempt on the SJU community. The bolded comments below highlight indicators that reveal that this too IS NOT from the OIT. Always remember, SJU WILL NOT SEND OUT AN EMAIL TO THE COMMUNITY ASKING FOR YOUR SJU PASSWORD.
NO Information Technology letterhead

Hello User

Due to database maintenance equipment that is happening in our Center web mail messages. Our message center must be reset due to the large number of spam messages we receive daily. The maintenance of quarantine will help us avoid this dilemma every day and the new software provides a web mail system new security from hackers to protect our users from getting their accounts accounts.

To validate your mailbox, CLICK HERE and fill out the to verify your account:

WARNING! owner that refuses to update his/her account after five (5) days of receipt of the notification of this update, your account will be excluded permanently from our Accounts database and can also cause malfunction of customer’s account or user and would not be responsible for the loss of your account. Webmaster, <– NOT the standard SJU Helpdesk Signature
Engr. Johansson Simpson <–NOT an employee of SJU OIT
Upgrade Team Controller.