Computer Installation Scheduling for the Summer

One major task we have on our plate is the installation of personal computer systems throughout campus: in computer labs, in classrooms, and in faculty and staff offices. Due to the overwhelming number of systems that have been purchased and need to be installed this summer, we are working on an aggressive schedule to try to get them done. In order to accomplish that, we are asking that if a computer has been ordered for you, please schedule an installation time using our scheduling tool available in MySJU as soon as possible. We are currently scheduling installations through August 19, with up to 4 available time slots available each weekday (excluding holidays).

In order to get ready for the start of the new Academic Year, which starts August 29, and handle the start-of-the-semester rush, we will NOT be scheduling or performing any computer installations from August 21 through September 9. So, if you need to have your new computer installed before the semester starts, please be sure to schedule it before August 19.

How to Schedule a Computer Installation
1. Login to MySJU at
2. In the Saint Joseph’s University Links channel select Computer Scheduling Tool
3. When prompted, enter your standard SJU username and password
4. Select the order number for your computer order
5. Follow the instructions to select the date and time of your installation