Laptop Program Repairs for Summer 2011

As the current semester ends on May 7, the following changes will apply to the Student Technology Center’s policies for computer repairs during the Summer Sessions:

The Student Technology Center will NOT accept computers needing to be shipped out for repair after Friday, April 29. The only exceptions to this are machines requiring repairs of hard drives, keyboards, touchpads, and CD ROMS drives, as these are usually returned within one business day.

Once the summer session begins on May 16, 2011, the Student Technology Center will continue to ship your laptops for repairs as normal.

Please contact the Student Technology Center at (610)660-3070, or by email at, with any questions you mayhave.

Students can call IBM (1-800-426-7378) or Apple (1-800-800-2775) directly or wait until May 16 to send their computer out for repair.