IT word changes according to Associated Press

In March, the Associated Press announced its major changes in word styles, including IT words. This is a “big deal” for IT words that have remained unchanged for decades in a field where technology changes frequently and fast. (Some words, like “e-mail”, have remained unchanged for 20+ years.)

New IT word styles include:

* cellphone (formerly “cell phone” as two words)
* email (formerly ”e-mail” with a hyphen)
* smartphone (formerly ”smart phone” as two words)
* website (formerly ”web site” as two words)

AP style is used by media entities around the world, including the Kansas State Collegian and other K-State communications channels. “On any given day, more than half the world’s population sees news from the AP,” says the About AP webpage.

According to the Associated Press Stylebook site ( “The entries on cell phone, e-mail and smart phone have been changed to cellphone, email and smartphone to reflect increasingly common usage.”

These and other changes are expected to be in the spiral-bound 2011 AP Stylebook slated to be released in May. On, it’s noted the AP Stylebook Online version has additional content beyond what is included in the paper AP Stylebook.