IT Training Update

IT Training Rolls Out Formalized Blackboard Training for Students

As you are no doubt aware, Saint Joseph’s University upgraded to Blackboard 9.1 at the beginning of this semester. In order to further support this transition, and to ensure a more comprehensive utilization of the CMS, Information Technology began offering Blackboard training for students.

While students have always been able to receive answers to their Blackboard questions by contacting the Student Help Desk, formal training in this area has been completely lacking. In the past, this responsibility fell to faculty members or to the students themselves.

Training sessions were conducted at orientations and in classrooms at the request of faculty members. On average, these sessions ran about 20 minutes in length, and covered everything from the basics to more advanced topics like Blogs and Wikis.

A total of 11 sessions were presented, and 302 students received training. IT Training wishes to thank the faculty members who took advantage of this opportunity, and would like you all to know that this service will be available on an ongoing basis.

Faculty members wishing to schedule Blackboard training for their current or upcoming classes are asked to contact Ben Jezierski, IT Training Coordinator at Ext. 3386, or by e-mail at