Blackboard Update: Monday April 19th, 5pm

Today, Information Technology (IT) met with academic administrators to assess the current state of the Blackboard (Bb) system and to determine next steps in stabilizing the system. A decision was made to move forward with the plan to establish a fresh installation of the Bb environment on a newer, faster server. This approach was recommended by Blackboard Inc, our software provider, for several reasons including to create a clean software environment, to rule out any possible hardware issues and to take advantage of improved performance in running Bb on a new server. One of Blackboard systems engineers is now on campus assisting IT with the migration effort.

If all goes well with final testing this afternoon, IT will take the Bb system down tonight at midnight and begin the transition to the new server. The Bb system will be unavailable from 12:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. Tuesday (tomorrow) morning in order to complete the migration. If we find that further testing is required before moving to the new server, IT will let you know of this change of plan and will reschedule the cutover for another day this week.

We hope that this change will stabilize the Bb Learning Management system for the Spring and Summer terms. Thank you for your continued patience and support throughout this process.