My SJU Update: 11/11/09

As you know, we continue to experience problems with MySJU.  The system has been extremely slow and at times does not respond at all.  Over the past several weeks, IT has implemented a number of patches and configuration changes as directed by Sungard Higher Education, the vendor who develops and supports the underlying software which drives MySJU.  There have been periods of time when MySJU has been slightly more stable and responsive but given the high volume of activity around student registration and advisement this week, MySJU performance has degraded once again. 

A team of IT support staff have been working on the problem around the clock and has engaged Sungard to find a permanent resolution to our problems.  This morning, a senior consultant from Sungard will arrive on campus to work with IT until the problems are resolved.  This consultant is one of Sungard’s top specialists and he has significant experience working in higher education settings with the portal software used by MySJU.  We are hopeful that, with this level of expertise on campus, we will find the cause of the problems.  We will keep you informed of our progress. 

Until the problem is resolved, you may directly access services available in MySJU via the links below.  When prompted, enter your standard SJU username and password.


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES (such as Employee Information, Financial Information, Faculty Services, Student Services, etc.)




CALENDAR (Not Zimbra)



 We, in Information Technology, sincerely regret the negative effect these problems have had on the University community.