Wireless Access across Campus

In total, wireless network access is now available in all of the following locations on campus:

* All Residence Centers, Campus Houses, and University Apartments & Townhouses (Lancaster Court does have a wireless network provided by Hotwire, not SJU )
* Main Campus: Barbelin/Lonergan, Barry, Bellarmine, Campion, Drexel Library, Mandeville, Post, Science Center, Ramsay Basketball Center, Wolfington, Boland, St Thomas, Claver, Bronstein
* Maguire Campus: Cynwyd Hall, Latches Hall, Music Studio
* Cosi (located in the Hawks’ Landing), Starbucks

In order to use our wireless network, please follow the instructions at: http://it.sju.edu/network_access/wireless/.  Although we have worked diligently this summer to improve the wireless on campus, we would like to remind you that wireless technology is slower and less secure than a wired connection. We encourage you to take advantage of the wired connections on campus as much as possible.