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Mission Statement:

Recognizing that systemic issues of gender-related equity, access, and climate exist in society and at the university, the Women’s Center focuses on leadership empowerment of women, women’s health, safety, and wellbeing, and gender inclusion and equity. The Women’s Center employs an intersectional approach to its work, with a particular focus on race, class, and ability; collaborates with partners on and off campus in its programs and initiatives; and serves as a campus clearinghouse for gender-related programming and initiatives.

Our Location  

The Women’s Center is located in Saint Albert’s Annex on Lapsley Lane. #32 on SJU campus map.

Hours of Operation

Open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:30PM.

Make an Appointment

If you would like to arrange to use the space for a program or before or after regular business hours, please contact Monica Nixon at mnixon@sju.edu. The Women’s Center is available for various activities, including but not limited to: educational trainings, meetings, studying, and social gatherings.