Asian Student Association -  asa@sju.edu


We aim to celebrate Asian culture with Asian and non-Asian students and offer an opportunity to learn, engage, and build networks while maintaining a healthy community on campus.

Aim high, Strive, Appreciate.

ASA  Executive Board - 2017/2018
Co-President - Alison Santiano
Co-President - Megan Hartwell
Vice President - Mike Park
Secretary - Ting Brown
Treasurer - Alison Eng
Public Relations - Kennedy Sanders
Cultural Ambassador - Sabrina Chen

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Black Student Union -  bsu@sju.edu


The Black Student Union is an organization created to unite African-Americans and other minorities across the campus of Saint Joseph's University, provide education of Black heritage and culture, and assist in raising awareness in the campus community of the problems facing African-Americans

BSU Executive Board - 2017/2018
 Co-President: Milan Morris
Co-President: Alexis Wilson
Secretary:  Cordella-Jane Ingram Noel
Treasurer/Class of 2020: Steven Bradley
Publicist:  Major Crawford

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Bridging the Gap -  btg@sju.edu


Bridging The Gap (BTG) is a proactive and progressive organization that aims to promote awareness of ALL diversities and underrepresented lifestyles and ethnicities in order to create a more welcoming and accepting environment at Saint Joseph's University. BTG strives to create a cohesive community amongst the student body, faculty, and administration to spread the message of unity and embrace the beauty and celebration of diversity with the support of the entire campus community. BTG will increase consciousness of the need for the celebration of all identities "bridging the gap" between people from all walks of life.

BTG Executive Board 2017/2017
President: Tyler Jackson
Vice President: Alim Young
Secretary:  Rachel Cox
Treasurer: Aliana Cheguer
Sec. of Communication: Jennifer Nessel
Sec. of Soc. Media and Pub: Kalandra Collins
Proxy Exec Member: Lauren Preski
Commmittee: Deanna Martin, Julia McQuade, Ryan Chang

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Caribbean Student Association -  csa@sju.edu


The purpose of the Caribbean Student Assocation is to unite all students of the Caribbean and give them a sense of home away from home in the hope of bringing a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment to the campus community.


 CSA Executive Board 2017/2018

President: Ckyam St. Cyr
Vice President: Benjamin Williams
Secretary: Nat Bourdeau
Treasurer: Marly Rene
Publicist:  Cherissa Allen


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Higher Destination Choir (HD Choir)  -  hdchoir@sju.edu


“Formerly known as Expressions of Praise, Higher Destination Choir, abbreviated as HD Choir, is a student led on campus organization which seeks to broaden the religious representation on campus. By way of song, Higher Destination choir is a defined setting for student expression as well as spreading of their faiths. The group knows no social constrictions welcoming all to partake in our communal worship”.

HD Choir Executive Board 2017/2018

Co-President: Lauren Browning
Co-President: Barbara Otsyina
Secretary: Zyanna Almonacy
Treasurer: Taicha Morin

International Student Association -  isa@sju.edu


The mission of the International Student Association is twofold. The first purpose is to increase the awareness of international affairs on the campus of Saint Joseph's University and the neighboring communities. The second purpose is to increase the awareness of international students to the happenings in and around the Saint Joseph's University community.

On hiatus for 2017-2018: If you're interested in getting involved, please contact nwalker@sju.edu

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Latino Student Association -  lsa@sju.edu


The mission of the Latino Student Association is to incorporate both Latino and Non-Latino students in programs and activities that will serve as a vehicle for the education and celebration of Hispanic cultures.

LSA Executive Board - 2017/2018

President: Victoria Priest
Vice President: Paula Borlando
Treasurer: Zulema Solano
Publicist: Kimberly Villa
Publicist: Roderich Martinez

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SJU Naturals -  sjunaturals@sju.edu


Formerly known as, the Natural Hair Club, SJU Naturals is an organization that aims to promote wellness, self-care, and healthy self-image on campus. Our focuses are on nutrition, mental health, skincare, haircare, etc. We want to expand what the word "natural" means and to foster an inclusive environment.

20172018 Committee members:

Ckyam Saint-Cyr
Sydney Villard
Kalandra Collins

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Other Diverse Organizations