Safe Zone Trained


Safe Zones Program

The Safe Zones program builds a network of supportive members of the campus community who strive to create inclusive spaces for all students to talk about issues and learn about resources. LGBTQ students can feel isolated or invisible on our campus -- Safe Zones training creates allies with the skills, resources and information to be helpful and supportive to our students.

To find a faculty/staff member who can provide a supportive environment or be a resource, please click HERE.

SafeZones Training 

Safe Zone Training raises awareness of the LGBTQ community through the lens of the ally.  This training provides a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting the LGBTQ community and students on our campus.  

Participants will work through their own identities and experiences and engage with current terminology to better relate to LGBTQ people.  This training is comprised of self-reflective activities, common misconceptions, and applicable ways to make everyday interactions inclusive for all members of our community.

All of our students have the right to live and learn in an inclusive and respectful environment.

Safe Zone Training open to students, faculty and staff 

Safe Zones Sign

Below is the symbol of being in a Safe Zone. You are able to talk freely and you are in the company of an Ally. If you are in need of a sign please email, Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck here.