If you don’t have a place to live in Philadelphia you should make hotel reservations for at least the first night. You can find a list of local hotels here. 

Inside the airport there is a ground transportation desk located in each airline terminal area and should be very close to where you retrieved your luggage. If you don’t see the desk, stop any official in the airport and ask “Where is the ground transportation desk?”

  • Once you get to the desk the people there will be able to help you arrange transportation. Make sure you know the address of where you plan to go.

There are a few reasonable options:

  • Lady Liberty Shuttle (215) 724-8888: $15, after making stops in center city Philadelphia they will drop you off at the Hilton Hotel on City Ave.  This is close to campus.  At the hotel you can call the Saint Joseph's University’s Security Office (610) 660-1111.  They will pick you up and bring you to campus or your residence.
  • Taxis: run 24 hours a day will take you to your destination but can cost around $45 and up depending on where you want to be dropped off.  If you flew in with friends or acquaintances that are also coming to SJU then you can split the cost.  You will need U.S. dollars to pay the driver and you should include a 15% tip.
  • Uber or Lyft: These are smartphone apps that allow you to request car service based on your location. You will need to connect the app to a credit card. Often, these services will be a little cheaper than a taxi.