While you can certainly purchase many of the items that you will need while studying at SJU, you will want to pack your essentials so that you won’t need to worry while you are getting settled. Below are some packing tips to help you plan for your trip to the U.S.

It is important that you pack anything you cannot live without while you are away from home. Essential items are those such as medications which you take every day and have a prescription for.  You must have your immigration documents in order to enter the U.S. The documents you will need are your I-20, your passport (valid for at least 6 months into the future), and visa. These items should be packed in your carry-on bags so that you can access them easily if you need them while you are travelling. DO NOT PACK THESE DOCUMENTS IN YOUR CHECKED BAGS.

Philadelphia is on the East Coast of the United States and experiences all four seasons throughout the year – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. You will need a variety of clothing to make sure you are comfortable during your stay. When the fall semester begins in late August, it will still be hot and humid and if you are beginning your classes in the spring semester, it will be very cold, and possibly snowy when you arrive. You can find more information about the average temperatures and weather in Philadelphia here.  

You will want to bring some casual clothing, athletic clothing for recreation activities and some dress clothes for professional and networking events. There may also be opportunities for you to showcase your traditional clothing at various events throughout the year, so you may want to consider packing some traditional clothes.

Most electronics, such as a hair dryer, mixer or extension cords, should be purchased when you arrive in the United States. You may wish to bring a laptop or tablet with you, but keep in mind that you might need a power adapter to charge these items.

What NOT to bring:

Food - It is unwise to pack food in your luggage as there are rules about what is allowed to come into the U.S. from abroad.
Large or bulky household items – You don’t want to waste valuable luggage space with items that can be purchased in the U.S. for relatively cheaply. Pots, hangers and other large items can be purchased as you settle in to your new apartment.

**Tip: Check with your airline to see about baggage and weight requirements to avoid incurring extra charges.

During orientation, we will provide information about nearby shopping and transportation options.