The form I-20 is the document that is required to apply for your F-1 Visa.

Once you have been admitted to Saint Joseph's University and confirmed your enrollment, you can apply for your I-20 through our online application portal. In order for ISS to issue your I-20, we will need the following documents:

  • Proof of financial support – International students must show that they can afford tuition and living expenses for your first year in the United States. Proof of sufficient funds must be provided on bank letterhead and should be no older than 90 days. If the bank statement is in someone’s name other than your own, you will need to provide an affidavit of support. You can find more information about tuition and fees here. If you are sponsored by your government, please note that we require an OFFICIAL Financial Guarantee – we will not accept a “For Admissions Purposes” letter.
  • The main information page on your passport – We use this page to confirm all of your personal information when creating your immigration documents. Please make sure that the scan of your passport is clear and legible.
  • Address in your home country – Your international address is required for our office to issue your I-20. Please provide your full address including all applicable information (apartment, city, state, province/region). If your mailing address is different than your permanent address, you should provide both.

Dependent information: If you are bringing your spouse or child(ren), you will need to show additional funding for each person. We will also need scans of the passport’s main information page for each dependent.

Fees and procedures for the visa application vary from country to country and even from consulate to consulate within the same country. While there are general requirements that all applicants for visas must meet, each consulate will have its own particular way of doing things. You should check with your local consulate to find out what specific processes or paperwork they require.

NOTE: We understand that it takes time to get a visa and you are anxious to begin the process as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that you cannot apply for your visa more than 120 days before your program start date. It takes our office approximately 10 business days to process complete applications and issue an I-20. Please wait at least two weeks to inquire about the status of your I-20 application.

Information about tuition can be found here. Please keep in mind in addition to tuition for the first year, you will also need to show living expenses of $18,000.