International students in valid F-1 status may work on-campus at the school which they are authorized to attend for up to 20 hours per week during the academic year.  They can work more than 20 hours each week (full-time) during vacation periods and holiday breaks provided they intend to register at SJU for the next academic semester.

If a student works for more than one on-campus employer, the total number of hours worked from all jobs cannot exceed 20 hours per week.  For example, a Graduate Assistantship is probably a 20 hour a week position and therefore a student would not be entitled to work another on-campus job. 

There is no waiting period before you are allowed to accept an on-campus job and for F-1 students there is no ISS paperwork required.  All employed students will need to complete an I-9 form with the Human Resources Office.  The on-campus job must not be a "work-study" position because they are not open to international students.

A student may not engage in on-campus employment past the end of one semester if he/she will not be registering at Saint Joseph's for the next semester.  This includes a student who has completed his/her course of studies as well as a student who has transferred his/her SEVIS record to another school. A student is also not eligible to engage in on-campus employment while on a medical or academic leave of absence.