ICC SAT PREP (spring semester)

ICC SAT Prep for spring semester 2019 consists of six classes held on Saturday mornings from 8:45am-1:00pm, unless otherwise noted, on the Saint Joseph’s University campus.

The classes are for high school sophomores and juniors. They are provided FREE of charge to students who are members of the ICC program. It is expected to be a supplement to instruction provided by the student’s school.

The classes allow students to practice answering questions similar to those found on the SAT exam. The instructors spend time reviewing the answers to problems, highlight why these are the best choices and provide strategies that assist students in eliminating wrong answers. Students are able to familiarize themselves with the material found on the test and build test-taking confidence through practice tests and sample problems.

Students are expected to come to SAT prep prepared with supplies and to be actively engaged in the instruction.