Crossing the Bridge to Success in STEM

July 1- July 25, 2019

Monday- Thursday 8:30am-12:30pm

Crossing the Bridge to Success in STEM is being piloted at Saint Joseph’s University beginning summer 2019. The program offers incoming freshmen from underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to gain tools and resources that are of benefit in the first year of college.  As a non-residential bridge program, incoming, first year undergraduates in STEM majors are offered 4 weeks to build a curiosity and appreciation of calculus.  Calculus is a foundational mathematics course taken by STEM majors. The Previews to Calculus enrichment course sets the tone for the rigors of college work. The program includes biology and chemistry workshops to improve learning skills and provide information to STEM majors that assist with the adjustment to the expectations of a new academic environment. Additionally, it creates a cohort that begins transitioning into college together.

The program aims to:

  • Increase participants’ chances of taking calculus as their first college mathematics course.
  • Allow students to make connections between calculus and real-life situations.
  • Introduce students to: lecture format, classroom technology, laboratory class, faculty expectations, college-level exams specifically in biology and chemistry
  • Help students gain an understanding of good study habits, techniques and skills.
  • Introduce students to STEM faculty.
  • Expose students to available academic resources at the University.
  • Help students to connect with and build community with other first-year STEM students.

Participant Requirements & Eligibility:

  •  Admission into the University as a full-time, first year undergraduate
  • Enrollment as an intended STEM major, which include:
    •  biology
    • chemical biology
    • chemistry
    • computer science
    • environmental science
    • interdisciplinary health services
    • mathematics
    • physics
  • High school completion of precalculus or calculus
  • Availability to attend the entire duration of the program with a commitment to completing all assignments