How to Report

In the case of an immediate threat or emergency, call Public Safety at 610.660.1111 or activate a blue light or red emergency call phone on campus, or call local law enforcement at 9-1-1.

For non-emergency incidents of bias or discrimination, to share additional information about a previously-reported incident, or to make a third-party report of bias or discrimination, use the Bias Incident Reporting Form or email The form or email will go to:

Special Assistant to the Provost for Inclusion and Diversity
Janée N. Burkhalter, Ph.D
 610-660-2274 |
Assistant Vice President of Student Success & Educational Support
Kim Allen-Stuck, PhD
Title IX/Bias Response Coordinator
Mary-Elaine Perry
610-660-1045 |
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer
Sharon Eisenmann, Vice President for Human Resources
610-660-3336 |
Office of Public Safety and Security
Arthur Grover, Director of Public Safety and Security
610-660-1164 |
Mark Lemon, Assistant Director of Operations
Martin Havira,Public Safety Investigator
Vice President for Student Life/ Associate Provost
Dr. Cary Anderson

What Happens When You Report

The report or email will be sent to the people listed above. The Director of Public Safety and the Title IX/Bias Response Coordinator will confer on the investigation and the next steps. If contact information is provided, the person making the report will be contacted within two business days.

To make an anonymous report, use the online Bias Incident Reporting Form. (Please be aware that anonymity may affect the University’s capacity to investigate, respond to, or follow up regarding reports of bias.)

Next steps may include but not limited to provision of resources to affected individuals or groups and may also include referral to the Office of Community Standards, Human Resources, or the Provost’s Office, communication with campus or beyond, and campus programs and trainings.