Dr. Monica Nixon

Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Diversity/
Chief Diversity Officer

Phone: 610-660-1015

Email: mnixon@sju.edu

Office: 104 St. Thomas Hall

Natalie Walker Brown, M.S.

Director for Student Inclusion and Diversity

 Phone: (610) 660-1147

E-mail: nwalker@sju.edu

Office: Campion 211

Jennifer L. Dessus, M.S.

Director for Inclusion and Diversity Access Programs
Phone: (610) 660-3064
E-mail: jdessus@sju.edu

Office: Campion 212

Kayla Walker

Program Coordinator for Women's Center and LGBTQIA Programs
Phone: 610-660-2022
Office: Women's Center, St. Albert's Annex;
214 Campion Student Center (LGTBQIA Lounge)

International Students and Scholars

Meryl Halpern, M.A.

Director, Office of International Students & Scholars

 Phone: (610) 660-3496

E-mail: mhalpern@sju.edu

Office: Campion 219

Maggie Oliver

International Student Advisor, Office of International Students and Scholars
Phone: (610) 660-3491
E-mail: moliver1@sju.edu

Office: Campion 217