Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity

Office of the President Letterhead

DATE:          March 18, 2016

TO:                SJU Community

FROM:         Dr. Mark C. Reed

RE:               Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity

Commitment to inclusion and diversity is central to our institutional mission, which calls us to be active global citizens who think critically and act responsibly. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that Saint Joseph’s is a welcoming and accepting place for students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds to live, learn, and work.

To address this critical area and in response to ongoing, thoughtful campus-wide conversations on this topic, I am announcing the reorganization of formerly separate offices and functions and the creation of the position of Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Diversity, reporting to the Provost through the Vice President for Student Life & Associate Provost. This senior leader will oversee and lead institutional diversity initiatives and student diversity programs and services, including the Office of Multicultural Life, the Women’s Center, and the Ignatian College Connection and other diversity related pre-college programs.

The Assistant Provost will also coordinate and work closely with the offices of Human Resources, Admissions, Student Success, Veterans’ Services, the Office of Teaching and Learning, and Student Disability Services to promote, support, and sustain a diverse and inclusive community.  As a core member of the Provost’s Council, the Assistant Provost will be well-positioned to promote the needs of all underrepresented groups and advance diversity initiatives.  Moreover, we will identify and establish a unified physical space for staff working in these areas and the students they serve. We will begin the recruitment and hiring process for the Assistant Provost position immediately.

The creation of this position makes a clear statement about the value of diversity at Saint Joseph’s, but the work that needs to be done cannot and will not be accomplished by one individual. It is our collective responsibility. Therefore, I am also creating the President’s Council on Inclusion and Diversity, to be chaired by the Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Diversity, but comprised of representatives across our campus. The Council will report to me regularly on the status of efforts to promote, support and expand the culture of diversity on our campus.  I will consult with the senior leadership of the University before finalizing appointments to this new council.

I’m grateful to all those on campus who actively embrace diversity and make a difference in the lives of our students.

Dr. Mark C. Reed