Living off campus comes with privileges as well as responsibilities.  It is important to understand your role as a community member.  To learn more about these issues, visit Philadelphia Streets website.

Trash Talk

  • trash-pic-1Trash and recycling should be set out between 7:00pm the night before collection day or 7:00am the day of collection.
  • Place all trash in trashcans or sealed plastic bags filled no more than the 40 pound limit
  • Recycling day is the same day as trash day. Recycle glass, aluminum cans, newspapers and 1 and 2 plastic in the blue container (or any container marked recycling).
  • Place all trash in trashcans or sealed plastic bags filled no more than the 40 pound limit.
  • Avoid clear trash bags, black bags are preferred

Bulk Items and Tires

  • The trash truck will NOT take tires, appliances, water heaters, mattresses and other bulk items as part of curbside collection.
  • To remove these larger items, you will have to hire a private hauler to dispose of these items or residents may bring no more than 2 items to a Sanitation Convenience Center.

Leaf Control and Lawn Carelawn-care

  • Grass should not grow in excess of 3 feet and the property should be free from weeds.
  • Bag leaves separately and put them in large brown paper bags or clear bags and set out on your regularly scheduled trash day.

Snow Removal

  • Within 6 hours of snow or freezing rain, you must shovel your sidewalk no less than 36 inches wide.  There is a fine of $50-$300 if sidewalks are not shoveled.  To report a sidewalk that has gone unshoveled, call 3-1-1.
  • Do not pile snow in the street.
  • NEVER park in a street spot that someone else has shoveled.  You’ll recognize these by the lawn chair or cone placed to reserve the spot.  Do not remove those markers and do not take a spot that someone else worked hard to make.


  • hostess-tipIf you are planning to host a party, it is important to let your neighbors know.  Inform them of the date, time and share your contact information so they can call you if a problem arises.
  • If you are celebrating a birthday, check out this list of 21 Things To Do