Saint Joseph’s University encourages all students to behave as exemplary citizens when in the surrounding neighborhoods.  SJU teaches students to demonstrate respect and concern for all members of the local community. In addition, we expect all students to uphold federal, state and city laws and ordinances in addition to the Student Community Standards.


Wynnefield is named for Thomas Wynne, a Quaker who was William Penn’s personal physician.  They have a very active Residents Association (WRA) and tons of ways to get involved in the neighborhood.

Overbrook Farms Club is the OLDEST neighborhood civic association in the nation with a very active club, weekly Farmer’s Market and lots of information up on their website.

Manayunk Neighborhood Council is extremely active and hosts many neighborhood events, monthly meetings and even created this neighborhood brochure just for you.

Top Ten Tips to being a Good Neighbor:

  1. Introduce yourself to your neighbor
  2. Do not put indoor furniture or appliances on your porch
  3. Do not block driveways and follow all parking and traffic rules
  4. Keep audio noise to a minimum, especially at night. The city has quiet hours between 11:00 pm-7: 00 am
  5. Do not use profanity
  6. Don’t leave empty trash cans on the sidewalk.
  7. Do not put your trash on the curb for pick up before dusk, the prior day
  8. If you have elderly neighbors, offer to shovel snow or rake leaves
  9. If you have pets, clean up any animal waste promptly
  10. If you have guests, ensure they follow all these guidelines as well
  11. Most of all, show respect to your neighbors at all times.

Find more tips and ideas here: How to be a Good Neighbor