Below is a Prezi created to educate students about the importance of Community Living. Respecting our neighbors and appreciating the diversity of our neighborhood is critical to Saint Joseph’s University. Living off-campus can help students learn how to be an adult and grow into an engaged citizen.  Although there might be some growing pains when students move off campus, we want to offer education and support so students can learn from their mistakes.

Please view the Prezi below to learn more about the history of neighborhoods surrounding SJU, how to get involved in your neighborhood and how to be a good neighbor.  Additionally, there is information on the impact of alcohol on the body and brain, the risks and responsibilities of being a social host with alcohol and tips for hosting a safe and responsible house party.

If you’d like to register for a Community Living course, please find the web registration form on the Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Education (WADE) Program’s website.