Built on the praxis of analysis and creation, the Department of Music, Theatre & Film offers a wide range of courses in two major degree programs – the B.A. in Music, and the B.A. in Theatre & Film (with a concentration in either Theatre, Musical Theatre, or Film). In addition, the Department offers stand-alone minors in Music, Theatre, and Film/TV, as well as being a partner department in the Music Industry minor. At the core of all degree programs are the shared values of historical insight, analytical rigor, technical proficiency, and creative expression.

Within each of its disciplines, the Department offers a breadth of courses that not only equip students with the tools to understand and evaluate an existing body of work, but also teach the necessary technical skills to bring their own work to fruition while fostering both creativity and engagement in the world around them. The curriculum aims to prepare students for careers in their respective fields or for further study at the graduate level, but perhaps more importantly, to give graduates a foundation of organizational, analytical, technical, and creative tools from which they might launch any future endeavor.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Department of Music, Theatre & Film are as follows:

  • To provide students with a comprehensive curriculum that deepens understanding and awareness, fosters creative expression, and encourages critical analysis and inquiry.
  • To equip students with the necessary creative, technical, and analytical tools for graduate study and adequately prepare those students for professional work in the field.
  • To train students to describe and analyze the existing and historical work of their discipline, and to understand the cultural and historical contexts in which works of music, theatre, and film have been produced.
  • To guide student majors through substantive research and/or creative projects as a capstone experience.
  • To provide the broader student population with an opportunity to engage the performative arts at a deep and meaningful level as part of their GEP experience.

For more information about the Department of Music, Theatre and Film, please contact:

Chair: Dr. Suzanne Sorkin, Associate Professor of Music e-mail: ssorkin@sju.edu