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Reflections from 2015

A Mission Week Reflection on… Preparing Students for Personal Excellence

Saint Joseph’s new mission statement embodies a number of elements that have contributed to my individual growth and development these past four years. “Preparing students for personal excellence” describes my experience on Hawk Hill the most because of the opportunities I have had, both inside and outside the classroom, to transform theory into tangible results.…

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A Mission Week Reflection on… Saint Joseph’s Day

Amidst all of the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, it can be easy to forget that Catholics celebrate another feast day this week: the feast of Saint Joseph. Even though it connects more closely to our institution, I’m used to people overlooking it. Growing up in the Midwest, I was surrounded by people of Irish descent.…

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A Mission Week Reflection on… Engaged Citizenship

To me, engaged citizenship from an Ignatian context means becoming informed about what is going on in the world around you, taking action to improve the quality of life for people who are on the margins, and reflecting on that action. Many students have shown me different ways to be engaged citizens. Since I’m in…

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A Mission Week Reflection on… Social Justice Infusing Our Curriculum

Tension exists between our ideals of a market-based economy and our desires for social justice. In general, we agree that folks should be paid in proportion to the economic value they create. Yet most of us agree something is going terribly wrong. Just last month, Reuters reported that more than half of the world’s wealth…

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A Mission Week Reflection on… Education Rooted in Liberal Arts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means for an education, a university, to be “rooted in the liberal arts.” I’m a farmer’s daughter, so “rooted in” conjures up images of something green and flourishing growing out of fertile soil. What makes the soil fertile? Or in this case, the education? What makes…

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A Mission Week Reflection on… Student-Centered Education

Student-centered education at SJU flows out of the model of Ignatian Pedagogy. This Jesuit tradition has produced a process by which teachers accompany learners in the lifelong pursuit of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment. The pursuit of competence demands vigorous evaluation of student work, holding it to standards of excellence in every discipline. The formation…

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