Aimee LaPointe Terosky, Ph.D.

“It is time to solve problems and not simply to end at understanding them.”

~Raymond V. Padilla

Like all institutions of higher education, Saint Joseph’s University students, faculty, administration and staff strive to expand our academic and practical knowledge and to better understand the world’s needs.

Yet, in my opinion, our true strength lies in our Ignatian value of pursuing social justice, in that we are not content with simply understanding problems. Instead, we are driven to apply our knowledge to solve problems by lessening the burdens of others, drawing awareness to injustices and abuses of power, caring for the underserved through our shared humanity, and combating ailments of the body, mind and soul with beauty and scientific progress.

With Padilla’s quote in mind, I ask you to reflect on the ways in which you have moved beyond simply understanding problems and instead engaged in solving problems. And how can you continue to do so in the future? What understandings of problems do you hold that can unlock solutions – big and small – for these problems?

Aimee LaPointe Terosky, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Educational Leadership