Honorary Inductees
2013-2014 Dr. Michael Gomez, Founding Principal Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School
Dr. Jeffrey Hyson, Assistant Professor History
Mr. John McConnell, Founder and President of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School
Ms. Margaret Ryan-Atkinson, M.A., Sr. Administrative Assistant Office of Mission and Identity
Mr. Eric Studt, S.J. , M.A.,
Dr. Bruce Wells, Associae Professor Theology
2012-2013 From the National Office:

Rev. C Kevin Gillespie, S.J. ’72, President
Dr. Brice Wachterhauser, Provost

University Honorary Inductees:

Dr. Joseph DiAngelo, Dean of the Haub School of Business
Thomas Sheibley, Director of Campus Ministry
Jill Amitrani-Welsh, Assistant Director, Faith-Justice Institute
Chris Welsh, Alumnus ’01, Public Defenders Office of Philadelphia
Dr. Paola Giuli, Associate Professor of Italian
Dr. William Murphy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

2011-2012 Rev. John Braverman, S.J. Ph.D, Biology
Dr. Shelia Davis, D.O. ’83, Alumni Community
Ms. Jane Downey, M.A., Assistant to the Provost
Rev. Joseph Lombardi, S.J. Ph.D, Philosophy
2010-2011 Dr. Gerald Beyer, Theology
Dr. Milica Z. Bookman, Economics
Dr. Susan Clampet-Lunquist, Sociology
Dr. Claire Simmers, Management
Mary Scullion, R.S.M. ’76, Alumni Community
2009-2010 Dr. James W. Boettcher, Philosophy
Father Thomas J. Brennan, S.J., English
Dr. Joseph Cifelli, Education
Rev. Daniel R J Joyce, S.J., Office of Mission
Dr. Robert Shannon, Spanish
2008-2009 Dr. Ann E. Green, English
Dr. William J. McDevitt, Management
2007-2008 Dr. Christina King-Smith, Biology
Mr. Philip Martelli, Athletics
Dr. Michael McCann, Biology
2006-2007 Mrs. Mimi Limbach, Faith-Justice Institute
Dr. Peter Norberg, English
Ms. Helen Stewart, Campus Ministry
2005-2006 Dr. Kimberly Allen-Stuck, Student Life
Mrs. Carold Boyer-Yancy, Student Service Center
Dr. Virginia Johnson, Faith-Justice Institute
2004-2005 Rabbi Dr. Richard Libowitz, Theology
Dr. Richard Sherman, Accounting
2003-2004 Dr. Lisa Baglione, Political Science
Mr. Thomas Kennedy, Center for Food Marketing
2002-2003 Dr. Frank M. Bernt, Health Services
Rev. Patrick H. Samway, S.J., English
2001-2002 Mr. Carmen R. Croce, University Press
2000-2001 Dr. Nancy Fox, Economics
1999-2000 Dr. Julie McDonald, Philosophy
1998-1999 Ms. Constance McSherry, Faith-Justice Institute
Mr. David Gandolfo, Philosophy
1997-1998 Rev. Richard G. Malloy, S.J., Sociology
Dr. Richard A. Warren, History
1996-1997 Rev. Dennis E. McNally, S.J., Fine Arts
Ms. Lynn Ortale, Residence Life
1995-1996 Dr. Linda Dunphy, Student Life