Recent Accomplishments

Corinna Noel '13 (Mathematics)
We are pleased to share the news that Corinna is now Dr. Noel, becoming the first McNulty Program alumna to earn her Ph.D.  She did so in Food Science at Cornell University, studying the links between taste perceptions and human health.  She joined us in September as the Alumna Speaker at our 9th Annual Welcome Reception, advising the newest cohort of Scholars and Associates to "Do what you love....[and] embrace your network."  Corinna has completed her postdoctoral research in epidemiology at the Center of Primary Care and Prevention, affiliated with the Brown University School of Public Health. She has now returned to Cornell University as a lecturer and is also doing some consulting work.

Catherine Elorette '14 (Biology)
This spring, Catherine earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Georgetown University, with research in non-human primates that focused on the role of the amygdala and superior colliculus in detecting and coordinating behavioral responses to threats. She is now a Post-doctoral Fellow at Mount Sinai Medical Center, examining the neural underpinnings of resting state functional connectivity.





Lianette Pappaterra '15 (Biology)
Upon leaving SJU, Lianette completed a year of service coordinating an after-school program for the immigrant community in El Paso on the Texas-Mexico border. She earned her Masters of Public Health at the School of Public Health and Social Justice at Saint Louis University in 2018.  She then returned to Philadelphia to as the Community Programs Manager at the same organization--Esperanza Health Center--where she completed a capstone project during her senior year at SJU.    

Kathleen Logan '16 (Biology)
Upon graduation, Kathleen became a Fellow in the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Program, earning a Master's in Secondary Education-Biology while teaching biology and physical science to freshman and sophomore students at Mercy Vocational High School in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia.  In Fall 2018, she became the Academic Operations Coordinator and a Biology Instructor at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School.  In her short time there, she has pursued a partnership with the McNulty Program, teaming up with current McNulty Program students to run a booth at the 2019 Philadelphia Science Festival, sponsored by the Franklin Institute.

Sarah Cooney '17 (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Sarah is a third-year PHD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California.  Her research aims to enable communities to build social cohesion by using technology to empower them to change the built environment of their community.  She wants to facilitate the installation and improvement of "social infrastructure" projects (such as parks, community gardens, public seating areas) that have been shown to increase the social capital of a community, to improve the individual well-being of its residents and to enhance its resilience in the face of natural disasters. In the spirit of the McNulty Scholars Program, Sarah is a member of the PhD Board of USC's Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Program, and she leads the organizing committee for the PhD Women in Computing Club (Wincc). She has also mentored a female undergraduate conducting summer research in computer science.

Class of 2020

Amelia Bielefeld
B.S., Biology
Laboratory Support Specialist, Saratoga Hospital, NY

Annamarie Glaser
B.S., Biology, B.A., Philosophy

Corinne Merlino
B.S., Biology
Clinical Research Coordinator, The Palliative & Advanced Research Center, University of Pennsylvania

Lindsay Miller
B.S., Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Isabella Succi
B.S., Biology
Research Specialist, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania

Class of 2019

Alana Cianciulli
B.S., Biology
Clinical Research Asst., Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Elise Brutschea
B.S., Chemistry
Pursuing Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Harvard University

Mary Kate Dougherty
B.S., Chemical Biology
Post-Baccalaureate IRTA Position, Dept. of Perioperative Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Ashley Frankenfield
B.S., Chemical Biology & Business Administration, Finance
Pursuing Ph.D., Chemistry, George Washington University

Jamilyn Mooteb
B.S., Physics
High School Instructor, Yap, Micronesia

Lakshmi Narayanam
B.S., Biology
Pursuing M.D., Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University

Sarah Muche 
B.S., Biology
Medical Scribe, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Kaleigh Williams 
B.S., Biology
Pursuing VMD, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 2018

Natalie Barrett
B.S., Biology
Pursuing D.O., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Amelia Brown
B.S., Biology
Pursuing VMD, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Shelley Donaldson
B.S., Mathematics
Software Developer, RedJack

Marisa Egan
B.S., Biology
Pursuing Ph.D., Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania

Aswathi "Asha" Jacob
B.S., Biology & Environmental Science
Medical Scribe, Cooper University Health Care

Leona Ryder 
B.S., Biology

Abigail Sweetman
B.S., Biology and B.A., History
Pursuing M.A., Global, International & Comparative History, Georgetown University

Class of 2017

Brianna Amos 
B.S., Biology
Pursuing D.O., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sarah Cooney
B.S., Math & Comp. Sci.
Pursuing Ph.D., Computer Science
Univ. of Southern California

Madeline Graziani 
B.S., Chemistry
Clinical Research Coordinator
Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Karen Medina 
B.S., Environmental Science
Director, Watershed Education Program, After-School All-Stars, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Szurgot 
B.S.,  Chemical Biology
Pursuing Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
University of Pennsylvania

Jane Bukovec
B.S., Actuarial Science
Associate Actuary
Prudential Financial

Kaitlyn Frankenfield 
B.S., Chemistry
Pursuing Ph.D., Chemistry
Georgetown University

Valerie Jenkins 
B.S., Chemical Biology
Pursuing M.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Caroline Stow 
B.S., Chemistry
Pursuing Ph.D., Chemistry
Duke University

Marissa Tremoglie  
B.S., Biology
Clinical Trial Coordinator, Positive Health Clinic CRS, Pittsburgh, PA

Class of 2016

Christina Freeman 
B.S., Biology
Post-baccalaureate Fellow, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development

Courtney Hulbert 
B.S., Biology
Pursuing Doctorate, Physical Therapy,
Thomas Jefferson University

Kathleen Logan 
B.S., Biology
Academic Operations Coordinator & Biology Instructor, Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

Rachel Troxell 
B.S., Chemistry
Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh

Isabella Goodenough 
B.S., Chemistry
Pursuing Ph.D., Chemistry
Temple University

Heidi Kurn 
B.S., Chemistry
Pursuing D.O., Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Christina Mirarchi 
B.S., Biology
Biology Teacher, Upper Darby High School, Upper Darby, PA

Class of 2015

Maria Galassi 
B.S., Biology
M.S., Speech Language Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Speech Pathologist, Boston Children's Hospital

Lauren Kozlowski
B.S., Biology
M.D., Thomas Jefferson University
Resident, General Surgery, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Merissa Misiura 
B.S., Biology
M.S., Biomedical Science
Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, PA

Lianette Pappaterra 
B.S., Biology,
MPH, Saint Louis University
Community Programs Manager, Esperanza Health Center, Philadelphia

Alexa Garrison 
B.S., Actuarial Science
Senior Manager of Data Analytics, Convene, New York, NY

Elizabeth Krohn
B.S., Biology & Environmental Science
Volunteer Math Teacher, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Megan O'Donnell 
B.S., Biology
Pursuing M.D., Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Stephanie Tittaferrante 
B.S., Biology
M.D., Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University
Resident, Internal Medicine, Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA

Class of 2014

Victoria Angelucci 
B.S., Chemical Biology
M.D., Georgetown University
Resident, McLean Adult Psychiatry Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

Catherine Elorette 
B.S., Biology
Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Georgetown Univ.
Post-doctoral Fellow, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York NY

Lisa Mariani 
B.S., Physics; B.A., Theology
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
Consultant, Exponent, Philadelphia, PA

Gianna Valentino 
B.S., Physics
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Kelsey Berger
B.S., Chemical Biology
M.D., Drexel Univ. School of Medicine
Resident, Vascular Surgery, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

Annamarie Everman 
B.S., Mathematics
Supervisor, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Elena Montoto 
B.S., Chemistry
Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sr. Chemist, Dow Chemical, Midland, MI

Class of 2013

Kim Nguyen 
B.S., Biology
M.D., Drexel School of Medicine
Resident, Pediatrics, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia

Molly Southwell 
B.S., Biology
M.S., Biology, SJU
Development Assistant, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA

Corinna Noel 
B.S., Mathematics
Ph.D., Food Science, Cornell University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Epidemiology, Center of Primary Care & Prevention, Brown University School of Public Health