Jamilyn Mooteb ’19, B.S. in Physics

Jamilyn Mooteb graduated on Saturday with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Computer Science.

She came to SJU and the McNulty Program from the island of Yap in Micronesia, half a world away from her family.  During the summer after her sophomore year, Jamie was invited to join the laboratory of the 2016 McNulty Lecturer, Dr. Allison Sweeney, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania.  During this off-campus Summer Scholar Program experience, Jamie focused her research on studying small iridescent structures along the “lips” of clams and how they work symbiotically with algae to filter light rays from the sun and efficiently conserve energy.

Outside the laboratory, Jamie was a teaching assistant in the Physics Department and was inducted into the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society.  On campus, she was an Ignite Retreat Leader and an active member of the SJU Judo Club.  Last fall, she started working at Linguistics Data Consortium, a University of Pennsylvania-based organization that gathers and stores data on languages around the world, including text-to-speech information and phonetics. There, Jamie provided technical support with software, machines and device management to users.

Jamie is now on her way back home to Yap, where she will look for work locally and spend time with her family after being away for 4 years.

Best wishes, Jamie!  Please keep us posted on what you’re up to!!!