April 2019: The Best Classes We Have Taken At SJU, by the Class of 2020

by Amelia Bielefeld and Lindsay Miller

As another semester wraps up and we are looking ahead to our senior year, we find ourselves reflecting on the classes that have made the biggest impact on our lives here at Saint Joseph’s University so far.  You might be surprised to learn just what they are!  Read below to find out….

Amelia Bielefeld (Biology)
In my time at Saint Joseph’s University, I’ve taken many courses in many different subjects. Being a Biology major, you might think that my favorite course is in the STEM field.  While I’ve found lots of positives in all of my STEM-related courses, I have unexpectedly found a love for something else as well.  Ethics has become one of my favorite subjects while in college, particularly Just Healthcare in Developing Nations.  I learned an immense amount of valuable information while taking this course, and I also had the opportunity to reinforce the material on a study tour to Cuba.  This course prepared me well for my anticipated career in health care, and it also allowed me to advance my problem-solving skills.  I believe that bioethics is an essential component to good health care, and I highly suggest taking a course or two on the subject!

Lindsay Miller (Mathematics / Actuarial Science)
I have taken a lot of great courses in my three years at SJU.  As a Mathematics and Actuarial Science double-major, my semesters are always filled with lots of math-heavy classes.  Some of my favorites have been ProbabilityDifferential EquationsFinance and Insurance. Although I love the classes for my majors, I have really enjoyed taking the classes required as part of the General Education Program (GEP). One of my favorites was Theology 154 – Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition. I am Catholic and grew up going to church and CCD classes, so I had a pretty solid knowledge of the Bible before starting the class.  However, the class was less about the history of Biblical events, and more about the ideology of Catholicism and its applications to daily life. The course made me think introspectively, and I felt like I could apply what we were learning to my life outside the classroom. It was a course which was friendly for people of all religious backgrounds, but I especially appreciated the new perspective on my own religion. Taking GEP courses can seem like a hassle or a bore at first, but if you approach them with the right mindset, you may be surprised by how much you can actually gain from them!