McNulty Fellows Amelia Brown ’18 and Natalie Barrett ’18 Invited to Share Findings at the 21st International C. Elegans Conference at UCLA

Natalie Barrett ’18 (Biology) and Amelia Brown ’18 (Biology) just returned from the 21st International C. Elegans Conference at the University of California, Los Angeles, where they presented their research into sleep regulation.  Both Natalie and Amelia are enjoying their second summer as McNulty Fellows, working under the guidance of biologist Dr. Matt Nelson.

Natalie’s work focuses on understanding how neuropeptides (secreted signaling molecules) regulate sleep and circadian rhythms, using the C. elegans nematode as a model.  Amelia is concerned with testing the hypothesis that sleep during lethargus (period of deep sleep) is required for memory formation. She hopes to illustrate the connection between sleep and memory at both the cellular and molecular levels.