March 2016: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things….about the McNulty Scholars Program


by Kathleen Logan, Christina Freeman and Heidi Kurn
McNulty Scholars, Class of 2016

As seniors, we have had four wonderful years at Saint Joseph’s University. The honor of being McNulty Scholars has helped make that possible. Here are some of our favorite things about being a McNulty Scholar:

  • The McNulty Program provided an immediate immersion into the SJU community and the university’s STEM community, which was especially great as incoming freshmen.
  • This program has also provided a network of like-minded mentors and peers.  Many of our professors knew who we were before we stepped foot into their classes.
  • Seminars sponsored by the McNulty Program have fostered our professional development through small-group discussions with prominent women in various STEM fields.  These presentations advocate for women and other unrepresented groups in STEM disciplines.
  • Each of us has a faculty mentor who inspires us to do more and often has connections that can assist us in our future endeavors.  However, we don’t just have one mentor.  Older McNulty studetns are always more than happy to help out with a class or give advice based on their time at SJU.
  • The McNulty Program has funded our summer research with professors through the Summer Scholars Program here on campus.  And McNulty Scholars can also receive funding for travel to academic conferences to present their research.  In fact, Christina just returned from Los Angeles where she presented her work at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting.
  • As McNulty Scholars, we have 24/7 access to McNulty Central, a room in the Science Center just for us.  We use this space for distraction-free studying, meetings and even an occasional nap.
  • This program has brought together a wonderful group of like-minded individuals who have evolved into a family.  We try to have family dinners as often as possible so we can all spend time together.
  • One of the most important things that the McNulty Program has instilled in each of us is that we, as recipients of this gift of education, have an obligation to share our knowledge with others in some unique shape or form.  Many Scholars choose to do this by volunteering at the Philadelphia Science Festival or in smaller school-based science workshops aimed at engaging younger girls in science or math.