Students who wish to count study abroad courses for their Spanish major or minor should make an appointment with the Center for International Programs, and also contact Dr. Elaine Shenk, Coordinator for Study Abroad in Spanish, before choosing courses. Spanish majors and minors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a semester, year, or summer as a way to enhance their language skills. Additionally, there are other benefits to studying abroad that make it an essential part of the SJU student experience. As a Spanish language student, living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country will give you valuable insights into the cultures of that country and the issues faced by its people. It will broaden your perspective on the world and on your place in it.

As an SJU student, there are several programs available to you depending on your particular needs and interests:

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Granada, Spain
  • El Salvador
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Madrid, Spain

For those wishing to study in Spain, there are two programs available. SJU in Madrid is conducted in conjunction with St. Louis University, Missouri. Students in this program enroll for one or two semesters or in the summer, reside either with host families or in dormitory-like residences, and take courses in either Spanish or English. (Courses must be taken in Spanish in order to receive Spanish language credit.) Courses are offered in a number of fields, such as the arts and humanities, business, communications, engineering, and the sciences.

Granada, Spain

Those wishing to study in the south of Spain can participate the University of Delaware’s semester abroad in Granada. This program also offers courses in a variety of disciplines, such as art, history, political science, international relations, and literature. All courses are taught in Spanish. Students also take a common course on contemporary Spain. Students participating in this program stay with host families in and around Granada.

Latin America: El Salvador

For students wishing to study in Latin America, SJU currently offers four programs, varying not only in location, but also in the level of Spanish language skills required of participants. For those interested in combining traditional classroom work with community involvement, Santa Clara University and the University of Central America (in El Salvador) offer a semester-long living-learning experience through the Casa de la Solidaridad. During this immersion experience, students integrate traditional academic work with participatory research and interaction with the local community. Students can choose courses from offerings in literature, history, politics, theology, and sociology. Most courses are in Spanish. Students can participate during the fall, spring, or summer semester. Students live with other U.S. students.

Latin America: Santiago, Chile

Students interested in economic development and globalization might choose to spend a semester abroad at the School for International Training (SIT) in Santiago, Chile. Students study economic development through a variety of disciplines and also have the opportunity to meet union activists, government officials, and community organizers. They also deepen their understanding of a particular area of interest by completing an independent research project. Students stay with host families and in small hotels and are usually housed with other U.S. students.

Another program in Chile is offered through the Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago. This program emphasizes academic preparation and a sense of social responsibility on both the local and the global levels. Students take courses depending on their language skill levels; more advanced students take classes with UAH (Chilean) and other international students, and others take specially designed courses for study abroad students. All courses, regardless of level, are taught in Spanish, and an optional 3-week intensive Spanish course is available to incoming participants who want to improve their language skills prior to the semester. This program follows a slightly different academic calendar than SJU; interested students should consult the SJU Study Abroad Web site. Participants in this program stay either with families or in the dorms.

Latin America: Buenos Aires, Argentina

For those with excellent language skills and an interest in studying in Buenos Aires, SJU, through the Institute for Study Abroad—Butler University (IFSA-Butler) offers the Argentine Universities Program. Participants in this program enroll in regular university courses alongside full degree-seeking Argentinean students. They can choose from a wide variety of disciplines offered at a few different universities. This immersion experience gives you a chance to blend in with Argentinean university students just like yourself. Students in this program stay with host families and interact mainly with local (Buenos Aires) university students. Like the Universidad Alberto Hurtado program, this program follows a South American academic calendar, which varies from that of SJU. Consult the Study Abroad Program Web site for more details.

All six of these programs require some level of Spanish language proficiency, which varies depending on the program. There is also a minimum GPA requirement, ranging from 2.5 for the SIT Chile-Economic Development program to 3.00 for the Argentinean Universities program. For more detailed information on all of these programs, visit the SJU Study Abroad Web site.


The Arthur R. Marsilio Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad, which provides $2,500 to a Saint Joseph’s University undergraduate participating in a study abroad or study tour program in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, or Latin America. Awarded on the basis of both need and merit, this scholarship rotates every year by language program.

For more information about the Arthur R. Marsilio Scholarship and about more general scholarships for students studying abroad, please consult the page of the Center for International Programs.