The Spanish Program at Saint Joseph’s University offers a major and minor. Other related fields of study are a minor in Linguistics, a Latin American Studies certificate or minor, and certification to teach Spanish.  Students majoring in Spanish are required to take ten courses at the 202 level and higher, including courses in conversation, linguistics, culture, literature, and at least two 400-level courses.  Minors in Spanish must take SPA 202, SPA 301 and four additional courses at the 300 or 400 level.  A required course for Spanish majors and minors, SPA302 Spanish Composition, also satisfies the Writing Intensive overlay requirement for the GEP.

Curriculum Focus

The major and minor focus on the study of the cultures and literatures of Spain and Latin America, as well as on Spanish linguistics. Other courses on Spanish for business, advanced aspects of the written and spoken language, current events in the Spanish-language media, and translation are also part of the available curriculum. Advanced students have the opportunity to complete an internship in Spanish.  As the Spanish curriculum combines well with both the GEP and other areas of study, most of our majors complete a second major and/or multiple minors.

Student Outcomes

While a number of our majors and minors go on to teach in elementary or secondary schools, and several of our graduates have gone on to be college professors, many others have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in Law, Linguistics, Social Sciences, and International Business or to work in non-profit organizations, government related positions, and the business world.  We have an increasing number of students who go on to use Spanish to volunteer or work with non-profit organizations throughout the Hispanic world and even with Spanish-speaking communities in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Study Abroad

Spanish majors and minors participate in a variety of Study Abroad Programs primarily in Argentina, Chile, El Salvador and Spain (Granada or Madrid). Some students have spent a semester in Costa Rica or Peru. Many of our students participate our regularly-scheduled study tour course to Spain (with Ms. Theresa Zmurkewycz). Students may count up to three courses taken abroad toward the Spanish minor, or four courses toward in the Spanish major.

Supportive Faculty

The Spanish Program has an active chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Honorary, initiating up to twenty students in the Spring Semester. Dr. Enrique Tellez-Espiga serves as the Sigma Delta Pi advisor. A Spanish Club organizes diverse cultural and social activities.

All majors are advised by department members Dr. Heather Hennes (Colonial Latin American Literature) Dr. Enrique Tellez-Espiga (Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Spanish Narrative and Film), and Dr Elaine Shenk (Sociolinguistics). Minors are advised by Dr. Elaine Shenk (Sociolinguistics).  Ms. Theresa Zmurkewycz  (Spanish Language Program Coordinator) also teaches in the Spanish Program.  The current Program Director is Dr. Heather Hennes (Colonial Latin American Literature).