The Web-CAPE (Web-based Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam) uses state-of-the-art computer testing techniques to help us more accurately and efficiently place freshmen and transfer students in our language courses. The test takes approximately twenty-five minutes and gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace without any time

The test is for students of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish only. If you will be studying Latin, please return to the main placement test page and select the appropriate link. Students of other languages will be tested the first week of the semester.

Only those students who are continuing with the language studied in secondary school should take the test. Students who choose a new language should not take the test. They will automatically be placed at the beginning level.


We ask that students take this test seriously and honestly. Do your best to give us an accurate picture of your abilities. Discrepancies between test score and secondary school record will require re-testing at the beginning of the fall semester and your roster. will be re-worked at a time when only less desirable class times, early in the morning or late in the day, are available. Please give an accurate picture of your linguistic history in the questionnaire preceding the exam.

We urge students to take the test as soon as possible so that the score can be made part of the placement process that takes place during the last two weeks of May. Please make every effort to take the test by May 10.


  • After clicking on the link below, enter the UserID and password included in your letter when prompted.
  • When logging on, be sure to use all lower case letters. Click on “Chinese,” “French,” “German,” “Italian,” “Russian,” or “Spanish.”
  • Remember to complete the survey (click on the link in the “Student Information” box).
  • Finally, begin the test.

Are you ready? Click here to start.