Explorations in Linguistics:  An Online Journal of Undergraduate Research is published twice a year by the Linguistics Program at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.  Its goal is to promote undergraduate student research in all areas of linguistics.  The journal is directly overseen by an undergraduate student editor and reviewers with input from linguistics faculty.

As of Summer, 2019, the journal is no longer accepting manuscripts for review.

Who May Submit a Paper?

Serving as a Reviewer

Reviewers are recruited as needed by the journal.  Their role is to provide feedback to authors who submit manuscripts for review and to determine if a particular manuscript warrants publication.  Only undergraduate students are eligible to serve as reviewers.  The identity of a reviewer is not disclosed to an author who submits a manuscript for review.  If you are interested in serving the journal as a reviewer, please download and complete a reviewer application and return it to the Student Editor at ExplorationsInLinguistics@sju.edu In addition to the application, you are also required to obtain an email recommendation from a linguistics professor.  See the application for detailed information.  Reviewers are not paid.

What types of submissions are appropriate?

We invite submissions of two types:  (1) short essays (400-700 words) that explore or make unique observations about interesting linguistic features encountered in everyday life (e.g., an overheard conversational interaction or a written language sample such as a billboard or a greeting card); and (2) original, data-based research projects (6,000 words or fewer) on a linguistic topic.  Submissions that are either the result of a class assignment or that represent independently-conducted research are equally welcomed.  Please see the Guidelines for Authors for more information.

Manuscripts may be submitted for review at any time.  Early submissions are encouraged.  In order to be considered for inclusion in a particular issue, manuscripts must be received approximately 3 months prior to it's publication. Please see below for more information.

The Explorations in Linguistics "Winter Issue" is scheduled for publication on February 1st and the "Summer Issue" on August 1st.

Submission Deadlines

  • Winter Issue      November 15th
  • Summer Issue    May 15th

Guidelines for Authors

Before submitting your paper, please confirm the following:

  • Your submission does not exceed the word limit (including references):  700 words for short essays and 6,000 words for data-based research projects.
  • All submissions should include a cover page and data-based research submissions should include an abstract.
  • All information related to a class is removed (i.e., instructor’s name, course title/number, university, etc.).
  • No copyrighted materials are included without written permission.
  • All references are formatted according to APA style (see http://www.apastyle.org/).
  • The manuscript should be edited carefully to verify the citations (spelling of names, page numbers for all citations, publication dates, etc.) and the format of the references according to APA Guidelines.
  • All notes are discouraged. If unavoidable, a limited number will be accepted if they are included as endnotes.
  • All required paper sections outlined above are included in data-based research project submissions.

Submissions that do not conform to the above expectations will not be considered.