Undergraduate Majors


Classical Studies Major


The Classical Studies Program offers courses from the elementary to advanced levels of Latin and Greek. Our elementary and intermediate level language courses may be taken to fulfill the non-native language requirement of the General Education Program. We also offer a wide range of courses that focus on the literature, mythology, religion, material culture, and the political and social history of the classical world, as well as courses on the reception of antiquity in modern times.


French Major


At Saint Joseph's, French majors enjoy small class sizes, a language lab featuring modern technology and a writing lab where they can practice their proficiency. By focusing on full language immersion and reading French literary works in their original language, students master fluency and graduate with the skills necessary to excel in teaching, journalism, international marketing and government.


German Major


At Saint Joseph's, students of the German program achieve proficiency in the language by completing courses taught in the language and studying the country's social, business and political cultures.


Italian Major


By focusing on full language immersion, graduates are prepared to work in art, business, education, finance, government journalism, international relations and music. The Italian major also prepares students to pursue graduate study in fields including, but not limited to: international relations, law, and advanced work in the humanities.


Italian Studies Major


For students interested in diving into a cultural tradition central to the humanities, the Italian Studies major is an ideal interdisciplinary course of study. The Italian Studies major at Saint Joseph's University provides students the opportunity to build competency in the Italian language and acquire knowledge that will prepare them for careers in cultural preservation, diplomacy, governmental service, business, teaching, museum education or the arts.


Linguistics Major


The role of language in human life is much larger than simple communication. Rather, language is used to describe our world, to interact with people from our own or other cultures, to strengthen and weaken relationships, and more. The linguistics major at Saint Joseph’s University welcomes students who are interested in studying how all aspects of language work physiologically, cognitively, pragmatically, and socially.


Spanish Major


Spanish majors at Saint Joseph's focus their studies on the languages, literatures and cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as Spanish linguistics, learning about all corners of the Spanish-speaking world.

Undergraduate Minors


Chinese Language and Culture Minor


The Saint Joseph’s University Chinese Program offers language courses with advanced teaching methods and cutting-edge instructional materials and technology, together with culture-based, student-centered teaching philosophies designed to enable beginning or intermediate students to become proficient in aural comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and word processing in Mandarin Chinese.


Classical Studies Minor


Coursework in Classical Studies or Ancient Cultures complements many other programs available at SJU. Students can combine either minor with a major in English, fine and performing arts, history, biology, chemistry, languages, psychology, theology, philosophy, and elementary education, as well as with majors from the Haub School of Business.


French Minor


A minor in French, combined with a major in any other discipline, provides students with critical thinking and reading skills as well as the ability to express themselves clearly in two languages -- an advantage in international and political fields.


German Minor


As a major player in international business, scientific research and the fine and performing arts, a familiarity with German language and culture adds depth to any academic or career path. In addition, the German program boasts the highest percentage of Fulbright scholars at SJU. The German program also offers Teacher Certification.


Italian Minor


An Italian minor from the College of Arts and Sciences strengthens academic backgrounds and prepares students to take on roles in a variety of fields, including cultural preservation, diplomacy, international business, museum education and the arts.


Spanish Minor


Minoring in Spanish with a major from any discipline prepares students to communicate with one of the largest populations in the United States, as well as much of the world.

Related Undergraduate Minors


Latin American Studies Minor


Over the last half-century, the Latin American studies program has provided hundreds of students the opportunity to know and care deeply about the region, and to enjoy careers in which they share that expertise and concern with others. Complementing majors focused in international studies, the program is offered as a minor for students interested in the histories, cultures and economies of the Latin American people, in countries that range from Mexico to the tip of Patagonia.

LIN program

Linguistics Minor


The linguistics program at Saint Joseph's welcomes students who are interested in studying how all aspects of language work, from the physiological and cognitive to the social. Classes explore topics that include how people learn and/or acquire language, how the study of discourse can uncover interactional patterns when we relate to each other and what happens grammatically and socially when different languages come into contact in our society, among many other topics. Several linguistics classes are cross-listed in other departments such as sociology and philosophy, and the program welcomes students from a variety of majors across campus. Linguistics minors have gone on to become educators and speech and language pathologists, as well as to study linguistics, law, and psychology at the graduate level.


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


As the world becomes more interconnected, it is increasingly important to build connections through language. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a six-course minor that provides essential training for the challenging task of teaching the English language at home or abroad in private language schools, community centers or bilingual programs, and in other contexts that do not require state certification. The Linguistics Program also offers a ten-course Linguistics Major-TESOL concentration.