Classics students can choose from a number of study abroad programs in Italy.

Fairfield University in Florence: This program is strong in Italian language, liberal arts and humanities, studio art, and international business. Except for Italian language classes, all courses are held in English. Saint Joseph’s University students enroll in 5 courses; the academic calendar is similar to a semester at SJU.

Gonzaga University in Florence: Designed as a junior year of study, the Gonzaga program is also open to students wishing to spend a semester or summer in Florence. Courses cover a wide range of subjects in the humanities, as well as in business. Italian Studies majors can choose to enroll in an intensive Italian language program.

ICCS—Rome Program: The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS) now has 90 member institutions and provides undergraduate students with an opportunity in Rome to study ancient history and archaeology, Greek and Latin literature, and ancient art. Students are expected to take four courses. A major part of the academic work is a required comprehensive and integrated course called The Ancient City. It is equal to and requires as much class and study time as two semester courses. It covers Roman archaeology and topography, aspects of social and urban history of Rome, and Roman civilization. Students choose their other courses from the following: Intermediate or Advanced Latin (Petronius); Intermediate Greek; Advanced Greek; Renaissance and Baroque Art History; or Elementary Italian. Students are required to take at least one course in Latin or Greek as part of their ICCS course load.

Temple University in Rome: This program offers excellent courses in architecture, international business, liberal arts, and visual arts. Except for courses in Italian language and literature, all instruction is in English. Students with no previous Italian must enroll in a beginning Italian course during their first semester in Rome. Saint Joseph’s University students take five courses; the academic calendar is similar to a semester at SJU.

John Cabot University, Rome

For additional information about any of the above programs, consult the Web site of the Center for International Programs.

Dr. Nikoloutsos at Epidaurus


The Arthur R. Marsilio Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad provides $2,500 to a Saint Joseph’s University undergraduate participating in a study abroad or study tour program in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, or Latin America. Awarded on the basis of both need and merit, this scholarship rotates every year by language program.

For more information about the Arthur R. Marsilio Scholarship and about more general scholarships for students studying abroad, please consult the page of the Center for International Programs.