Undergraduate Majors

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Mathematics Major 


99 percent of today's math was unknown in Euclid’s time. The classical aspects of mathematics are almost philosophical in flavor. The modern aspects are extremely practical, with much to offer to other subjects and the world at large. Math defines our world; it is the language of the universe, underlying everything from the day-to-day of budgets and statistics to the intricacies of quantum mechanics.



Actuarial Science Major 


In today’s uncertain business environment, the need for skilled actuaries – professionals who analyze the financial consequences of risk – has never been greater. Saint Joseph’s actuarial science program provides majors with a strong analytical foundation and powerful insights into how to manage risk. The program is multidisciplinary and includes courses in actuarial science, mathematics, economics, finance and accounting, leading to a B.S. degree in actuarial science.

Undergraduate Minors


Mathematics Minor


Minoring in mathematics is a great way to add technical depth to many other disciplines. Students who plan to pursue careers in business, operations research, risk analysis, computer programming and other areas benefit from a focused mathematics education. Many employers seek candidates who are well versed in money management, statistics, data analysis and formula application to support their organizations’ growth. By adding a mathematics minor to other majors in the College of Arts and Science or the Haub School of Business, graduates are prepared to excel in graduate school or their careers, in fields such as biology, sociology, library science and linguistics.


Actuarial Science Minor


A minor in actuarial science provides students with a strong analytical foundation that is useful in business or government settings. Multidisciplinary in nature, the minor includes classes in actuarial science, mathematics, economics, finance and accounting, combining courses in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Haub School of Business. In order to minor in actuarial science, the director of actuarial science must first approve students.

Master Degrees

Mathematics Education M.S.

M.S. Secondary Mathematics Education


The M.S. math education is a 5-year combined B.S. in mathematics and M.S. in mathematics education program designed for undergraduate students who wish to continue to fulfill a master’s degree.