The Actuarial Science program seeks to build upon the Jesuit tradition of excellence by giving students a strong analytical foundation with which to solve the problems encountered in the insurance environment. The ASC major recognizes that success in the actuary field derives from the confluence of insightful business perspectives, rigorous analytical reasoning and a love of learning. Actuarial Science bridges the traditional distinction at Saint Joseph’s between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Haub School of Business. To be a successful actuary, a strong business background utilizing finance and decision and system sciences courses in the business school must be married with the analytical skills developed in mathematics and economics courses found in CA&S. The ASC major is, of necessity, an intercollege and interdisciplinary program. The actuarial field stresses the ‘love of learning’ component not only in word, but also in deed. Actuaries continue to learn throughout their careers and take great pride in passing the strenuous exams their profession requires for certification. The combination of liberal arts Jesuit values with analytical problem solving skills will uniquely position our graduates to assume leadership roles in the field of Actuarial Science.

In addition to the benefits afforded by the Jesuit liberal arts tradition at SJU, the ASC major has three goals specific to the actuarial profession. First is to maintain a high level of analytical training while providing the business perspectives and love of learning necessary for success in the actuarial science profession. Second is to ensure that students pass the first three actuarial exams. Third is to make certain that students’ coursework performance in the three VEE areas is sufficient to receive VEE credit upon completion. ASC majors will thus be ideally poised to enter the actuarial science profession.