The marketing department provides a rigorous education in the theory and practice of marketing while also providing opportunities to more thoroughly investigate a particular aspect of the field so that students can succeed and thrive in today’s ever-changing and challenging global marketplace. Students are our primary customers and are active partners in this educational process.

Distinctive Benefits of the Marketing Major

  • Multi-disciplinary faculty who bring a rich blend of academic, business and non-profit experience to student learning.
  • Strong industry ties allowing for scholarships, topical guest speakers, internships and job placement.
  • Opportunities to enhance the learning experience through hands-on internships, marketing study tours and participation in the American Marketing Association.
  • Knowledgeable and accessible faculty advisors available to counsel students on curriculum and career options.
  • Students engage in group projects that emulate real-world tasks that must be solved
  • A four-year bachelor’s degree co-op program is available.

Marketing Degree Options

  • Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Entertainment Marketing

Marketing Minors

To allow non-marketing majors (in both the Haub School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences)

  • Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Communications
  • Music Industry