What do they have in common? They all depend on marketing to stand out from the crowd and engage the target audience.

The Saint Joseph’s University Marketing Program provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to stand out from the crowd in today’s ever-changing and challenging marketplace. As an SJU Marketing Major, you will become versed in the latest promotional techniques, digital media options and consumer behavior trends, while developing a solid foundation of Marketing Theory. Our strong industry ties offer ample “real world” insights via guest speakers, field trips, case studies and internships.

You will also get plenty of practice designing actual Marketing plans, promotional campaigns, and research projects. You will interact with a diverse faculty comprised of world-renowned scholars, industry experts and corporate executives.

Most importantly, as an SJU Marketing graduate, you will have the edge in getting the job of your dreams. In addition to general Marketing, we offer programs in Advertising & Promotion, Sports, Entertainment, Public Relations, and Digital Media. So whether your goal is to become an advertising icon, a team executive, an event planner, or an Internet whiz, an SJU Marketing degree is your ticket to success!

Good luck with your choice of colleges and we hope to see you here on Hawk Hill! The Hawk Will Never Die!