The Creative Services team offers a library of branded collateral templates that are editable in the Microsoft Suite. These easy-to-use templates are designed to be used by faculty, staff and select student organizations. Below are some best practices for how to use these templates.

Font Usage

Calibri is our primary font in all Microsoft templates. In instances where there is an abundance of body copy, Times New Roman may also be used.


Please replace any photography placed in the templates with photography that best represents what you are promoting/discussing. Maintain the proportions of the photography you are replacing, (i.e. replace a horizontal photo with a horizontal photo of the same proportions, etc.).

Make sure your photography is high-resolution, 300 dpi. Do not use photography or images downloaded from the internet for print purposes; most images taken off the website do not have adequate resolution for print. Additionally, you should not use any images downloaded from the internet that you do not have the rights to use. Using imagery that the school does not own infringes on the rights of the creator. When in doubt, do not use it!

You can find Saint Joseph’s University imagery on Webdam, our photography repository.  You can sign up for an account to request photos.

Finalizing Your Template for Production

If you are creating a template intended for print, follow the steps below to prepare your document to be submitted to Print Services:

  1. Run spell-check
  2. Save your document
  3. Go to File/Save As
  4. Click the “File Format” drop down menu and select “PDF.”
  5. Choose “Best for Printing.”
  6. Save your file. (In instances where the file dimensions differ from your paper settings on your printer you may see an error message as you save. Disregard this message, your PDF should save to the preset “Page Setup” settings.

General Message

For University Communications


For University events and promotions

Post Card

For event promotion


For University presentations


For University organizations

General Proposal

For proposals to external companies and groups

Presentation Cover

For University presentations