Logo Small

Adopted in 2006, Saint Joseph’s University’s graphic identity consists of two parts:

  1. The logotype, consisting of the Institution’s initials with the icon of a lily (the liturgical flower of Saint Joseph) above the letter ‘J’.
  2. The logotype combined with the full name of the Institution, stacked or in one line (shown in one line above). This is the official identity signature for Saint Joseph’s University.

The following list outlines the basic rules for working with logos:

  • Maintain the proportions of the logo.
  • Do not obscure any part of the logo.
  • Do not add a drop shadow or any other special effects to the logo.

The SJU logotype may be used isolated from the university name and in conjunction with other images or typographic elements. As such, the logotype serves as an identification icon and it may be applied to any electronic, print, or environmental application.

When using the words “Saint Joseph’s University” with the logotype, the signature logo must be used. No other fonts, sizes, or positions of the University signature should be used.

A “stacked” version of the signature is also available for occasions when the standard layout of the signature cannot fit onto a printed piece.


An important part of the University’s graphic identity is the establishment of a hierarchical and modular system for all school and program signatures. The names of schools and programs are added to the university signature, flush left below the university nomenclature. The names of the schools and programs are set caps lower case in Frutiger Bold, a san-serif typeface and one of the primary fonts used as part of the identity system. These hierarchical department identifications should be used for all printed departmental materials. Individual program branding should not be created to replace approved University branding.

To obtain formatted files of school, department, or program signatures, contact Creative Services at getcreative@sju.edu.

For all logos shown on this page, downloadable files are available at sjuphoto.com.