Project planning — Questions to ask as you begin:

  • Who is your audience? Students (prospective or current), alumni, faculty/staff, external audiences
  • What is your message? Recruitment, fundraising, event promotion
  • How do you want to communicate? Printed piece: postcard, poster, invitation, brochure, banner. Digital file: email header, web banner, campus television screens. 
  • What is your timeline? Plan on a minimum of two weeks for design and printing small projects once final copy is submitted. Larger projects require more time. Contact us at to plan a timeline.
  • What is your budget? We can help you determine costs for design and printing.

Brand compliance review

Design files to be printed or posted on line must be reviewed by Creative Services for brand compliance if Creative Services did not design it.

Photography and University image library

The university photo image library allows university registered users to view and request images of campus and current university events for promotional and recruitment purposes.  The Marketing and Communications division manages the licensing and permission for using University images. Access the image library at

Photo shoots: To request photographic coverage of your event or to set up a photo shoot please contact Creative Services,

Coordination of in-house and external vendor production

We work daily with Print Services, SJU’s in-house production facility, for digital, offset and wide format printing needs.

We can direct you to external vendors for merchandise and apparel who offer discount pricing and comply with SJU brand standards.