Resizing Images for WordPress

Adding images is a great way to spruce up web content.  Images can help to describe your content, support a point, and allow the reader to better envision what you are talking about!

Most modern cameras take photos that are far too large to upload to the web – including very large images on web pages can be a problem for your users.  A user on a mobile device may have difficulties downloading your very large file image.

There are many tools available that will help you to resize photos for the web.  PhotoshopPicasa, and Apple Photos are all great tools that you can use to resize your photos.

If you do not have any of these tools, you can utilize an online tool called Pixlr to resize your images.  Follow the instructions below to learn how to use this tool.

  1. Visit Pixlr Express (
  2. Click Browse.  You will be prompted to select your image from your computer.
  3. When your image has opened, click “Adjustments”, and then “Resize”
  4. In the Resize Options, set the width to a maximum of 1200.  Leave the “Keep Proportions” option selected.  Then click Apply.
  5. Click Save to save your image.  You should save your image with a new name (so you do not overwrite your original image!).  You should leave the quality set at 85.

Once you have resized your image, you are ready to use it on your website!