"The International Business major requires special skills to adapt management methods to the needs of foreign environments. SJU prepares their students for administrative positions in international divisions of American companies or careers in the national or international government agencies. As the International Business Society President, I work towards helping students achieve their goals alongside the hardworking professors and advisors."

Lauren Eltringham '17

"The curriculum for the LEO classes speak volumes to what Saint Joseph's embodies. But it is not just the curriculum but also the faculty that has made a huge impact on my academic experience. I have been able to connect with my professors who have became great mentors. LEO has given me the opportunity to challenge myself in the classroom, through my internships and as I apply for full-time positions upon graduation."


Jackie Pignataro '17


"The FBE Program spoke to me Freshman year when I heard its motto, "the best way to predict your future is to create it." Coming in as an undecided business major, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the FBE major has allowed me to explore new ideas and experiment with my own business propositions. For my Intro to Entrepreneurship class, I competed in a Shark Tank Competition that involved creating a new product or service along with its business model. Shortly after the competition, I partnered with one of the judges and am in the process of starting my own business, thank to the exposure I was given by the Management Department."
Tom Santilli '18

"The Managing Human Capital Curriculum and Professors have taught me how to get the most out of my own talents and enhanced my productivity and creativity. I have gained enough understanding to be successful in the professional world. As a result, I secured a job prior to my senior year. To learn more about Managing Human Capital, Join me at an upcoming SHRM meeting."



Andrew Napolitano '17

"I believe Leadership, Ethics, & Organizational Sustainability is the perfect enhancer to any major. It makes me strive to want to be a leader in my field and industry and do marketing in way that is ethical and sustainable for all stakeholders. The classes are challenging and inspire me to use business as a force for good. So far it has led me to an internship at Campbell's Soup with the Soulful Project!"


Alexandra Homan '17


"The International Business major has really helped me understand how businesses operate in a global context. The varied courses provide a well-rounded education that prepares students to excel in any chosen path. Thanks to the out-standing IB faculty, I've been able to jump start my international career as an undergraduate by interning in Vienna, Austria!"


Alex DeSantis '18



 “Living greater at Saint Joseph’s University is doing more, being more, and achieving more, which represents all that the Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability major and minor embodies. The Management department offers a field of study that not only differentiates your resume but also transforms your mind to strive for the greater good within any profession you pursue. The LEO professors provide the foundation and support that you need to reflect and reshape your approach to business, leadership, and even life. There is no better gift that the Haub School of Business can give before you reach graduation."

Brittney Welde '18

 "The LEO program presents students with a unique take on the business world. The faculty's passion shines through and the classrooms create an opportunity to bounce ideas off of peers who share the same desire for change. My time as a LEO major has brought what it means to be 'living the Magis' to life. The program has made me a better man and has help set the foundation for continued growth after graduation." 


Jake Goffredi '18

 "The Managing Human Capital major has provided me with the knowledge to analyze, evaluate, and measure the value of a workforce. Also, the wide-ranging courses allow me to comprehend designs of organizations and breakdowns of business strategies. Thanks to the premier MHC faculty at SJU, I’ve been able to consistently grow as a professional, which has allowed me to excel in all facets of the diverse major of MHC. With all that in mind, the major’s consistent emphasis on high-level management has prepared me to be more confident leader when I to enter the world’s workforce." 

            Timothy Brandt '18

 "The Managing Human Capital major has given me the tools to become a well-rounded business leader.  Through my courses and relationships with my professors I have had many opportunities to further develop my skills and gain knowledge about Human Resources.  I have learned the ins and outs of how businesses operate and have personally become more aware of how employees' actions effect an organization overall."


Emer Ryle '18

 “The Managing Human Capital program has given me the knowledge and opportunities necessary for me to succeed at SJU and thereafter. Along with exceptional course offerings, the faculty have been especially supportive in the development of my human resources career. I am very happy with my major choice as the MHC program has allowed me to secure a full-time job before my senior year!” 

 Kristin Thompson '18

 "As a Family Business and Entrepreneurship major, I have had the opportunity to write up and expand my business plans in the context of my courses, and have met many other student entrepreneurs, as well as several established entrepreneurs. My professors have helped mentor me in business strategy, and connected me to entrepreneurship communities and potential angel investors. Adding the FBE major enabled me to compete for the McAlee Go-Getter award, which I won in 2015 for my start up business manufacturing and selling rainwater collection systems for residential applications. After I graduate, I plan to continue growing and expanding my beekeeping business as an environmentally ethical and financially sustainable enterprise."

Eli St. Amour '18

 "I decided to major in International Business because I wanted a career that would take me around the world! Saint Joseph's management department has done a wonderful job of preparing me for just that. My favorite part of majoring in IB was the international exposure requirement, which allowed me to study and complete an internship abroad in India. I have accepted a job working for Pepsi when I graduate and am excited to see what international opportunities that offers for me."

Michaela Sasso '18

"I changed my major to International Business my sophomore year, and picked up a double major in LEO. Since then, I have enjoyed all of my experiences in the classroom as well as the relationships I've built with my classmates and professors. The concept application style of learning within the IBU department is beyond beneficial, because it's one thing to memorize terms and information, it's another to be able to apply and use it. I am happy to say that I have a job entering my senior year with Kimberly-Clark Corporation and I have my studies to thank for that."

Sean Maliga '18

"I leave each Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability class feeling enthusiastic, confident, challenged and hopeful for the future of business as a force for good.  In reflecting about my time at Saint Joseph's, the LEO Professors and classes stand out as the most impactful academic and personal development influencers. LEO equips me with a holistic perspective of business and the inextricably intertwined world.  It has empowered me to use my voice in my internship and prepares me to make an impact in the future by approaching careers and life experiences with an unique and mindful thought-process."

Bridget Gilmore '18